Enhancing Services for Students at FBA

In addition to FBA’s ACCESS (Academic Success) program of content support and small group instruction for student services, FBA is proud to be the first (and only) provider of NILD Educational Therapy in Southwest Florida. NILD therapists Jennifer Wilson and Amy Sommerville are trained to treat a student’s cognitive or perceptual deficits, not just their academic symptoms to develop strategic, independent learners.

NILD (National Institute for Learning Development) therapy provides one-on-one, individualized interventions that address the underlying causes of learning difficulties, rather than simply treating the symptoms as tutoring does. Language-rich sessions teach students how to think and learn, not just what to think and learn. Techniques emphasize basic academic skills such as reading, writing, math and spelling, as well as processing information and applying reasoning skills to improve a student’s ability to think, reason and process information. 

In addition, FBA will be implementing Orton-Gillingham technique in small group sessions for elementary students.

The Orton-Gillingham (OG) approach is the most widely recommended intervention for students with dyslexia, focusing on improving phonological processing. Intensive focus is aimed at developing the student’s phonological awareness and improving the student’s word attack skills for the ability to encode (spell) and decode (read). Karli Tinney has been OG trained and will lead this initiative.

FBA’s student services team is dedicated to facilitating the best individualized program for long term success. Implementing the methods from NILD and Orton-Gillingham at First Baptist Academy will help to ensure we are equipping students with the tools needed for increased academic, social, emotional, and spiritual growth. 

Visit the NILD website www.nild.org, or read NILD founder Grace Mutzabaugh’s book, A Work of His Grace (1999) to learn more.

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