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Fine Arts Program

Music Programs

During the school year, First Baptist Academy hosts numerous special events to provide opportunities for public performance. As a Kingdom Education school, we desire that our students are able to effectively articulate their faith through a variety of communication methods and mediums, including the visual and performing arts.

Spring Musical

Each year students from Kindergarten through 12th grade are able to participate in the Spring Musical. Auditions take place in the fall and practices begin in January. Students work under a team of directors; drama, music, choreography, and costumes to provide the full experience.

Middle School Choir

The middle school choir is a full year music class. This ensemble will focus on singing skills, note reading, parts singing and ensemble techniques. The choir will perform during the d’Accordo Music Festival, Fall Holiday Kick-Off concert, Arts Extravaganza, ACSI music festival, and the End of the Year Concert. Other events may be scheduled throughout the school year.

High School Vocal Ensemble

High School Vocal Ensemble is an elective designed to provide vocally talented students a place to grow in their abilities. Students are exposed to a wide range of musical genres, and continuously refine their vocal techniques.

Each year the group participates in music festivals such as D'Accordo Choral Festival and Music USA that challenge students to excel in the talents that God has given them.

The Music and Ministry Tour is a highlight of each year for this group. Our concerts provide enjoyment for both our school family and for the community.

Worship Team

High School Worship Team is an auditioned, performance-based elective designed to train students to lead in worship situations, calling for the student to have a good reputation among peers, faculty, and church. Vocalists and instrumentalists practice team blend and balance while leading worship for FBA chapels, as well as performances at First Baptist Church Naples and the Naples area. The High School Worship Team exists in order to train students to worship Christ in spirit and in truth (John 4:23), while exhibiting musical excellence to the southwest Florida community. Worship Team students can also participate in the “Spring Music and Mission Tour” which includes a service project and a national music competition or workshop. Honors credit is available to students in their third and fourth year of Worship Team.

Band & Percussion

Our goal in the FBA band program is to instill a love of music in each student and encourage them to use their talents and abilities to glorify God. The FBA band program consists of students from 6th grade to 12th grade.


“Play skillfully” literally means “to do well in playing music” as First Baptist Academy students are given the opportunity to learn how to develop musical expertise. We offer both Beginning Strings and High School Strings.

Visual Arts

Visual art at First Baptist Academy focuses on a comprehensive program of teaching students the elements and principles of design as well as incorporating the 'Sunshine State Standards' of visual arts from PK -12th grades. The concepts are introduced in the early elementary years, built upon in elementary grades, and progress to utilizing these concepts through self expression and critiquing in the middle and high school grades. All visual art classes incorporate art history, critical thinking skills and a biblical worldview. Instruction is centered on the fact that God is the ultimate artist and creator (Colossians 1:16). Students participate in many local art shows and contests to highlight their work. High school students are also encouraged to discover careers in the arts through field trips and discussions.



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Upcoming Events

Java Jam - April 24th
Java Jam is a casual talent & performance night for Middle and High school students as well as faculty. 

Spring Musical - April 2nd and 3rd
7:00 PM in the Worship Center

End of Year HS Concert - April 21
7:00 PM in the Worship Center

End of Year MS Concert - May 7
7:00 PM in the Worship Center

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Visual Arts Program
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