Education Through the Lens of Scripture

This summer, FBA leaders: Dr. Ray Casey, Linda Shaw, Leigh Anne Bates, and Billy Fisher traveled to the Biblical Worldview Conference at The National WWII Museum in New Orleans where they learned from top experts how to further enhance the Academy’s approach to integrating and applying Scripture to all academic subjects. 

Presenters included Dr. Glen Shultz of Kingdom Education Ministries, George Barna of Metaformation, Jeff Keaton of Renewanation Review magazine, and Ben Schettler of The Center for Truth in Love. Conference sessions focused on The Importance of Worldview in Education, Invest in Children’s Worldview Development or Pay the Price, Characteristics of a Vibrant Christian School and Understanding Generation Z’s Worldview

Each presenter (and topic) ignited and renewed FBA leadership – reminding them of the power and value a Biblical worldview education has in the lives of our students.

The experience was also an excellent opportunity for team building as Billy Fisher, the new Assistant High School and Middle School Principal joined the group. “As someone new to the FBA family, attending the Biblical Worldview Conference was a strong reminder of what drew me to the Academy in the first place,” says Billy. “It’s a great privilege and responsibility to pour into the next generation so that they may know Christ and make Him known. After the conference I am even more energized and excited to work alongside my colleagues and partnering with families to help instill in our students a Biblical worldview.” 

In an effort to better equip and come alongside our Parents, we are making available a Kingdom Education Ministries (KEM) membership for a reduced rate. By becoming a member, parents can gain access to a variety of resources, including: video training, weekly blogs and other materials and information designed to help parents, Christian teachers, and administrators educate future generations in line with God’s Word and will.

As a KEM school, membership for families is being offered at the special rate of $15. Click here to become a member.

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