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Thank you for choosing to become part of the FBA family where every child is viewed as a special gift from God entrusted to our care. We recognize each child is created with a unique personality and purpose. Our dedicated teachers provide an active, learner-centered environment where every child is engaged and challedned to grow academically, spirtually and physically.

I Look forward to leading and launching our school theme"Hooked on Learning, Anchored in Truth". PK and Elementary students... prepare to embark on a voyage like no other in pursuit of wisdom, knowledge and understanding Truth, using God's treasure map as our guide. The adventure will change hearts and lives for eternity.

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Mrs. Linda Shaw 


“Since attending First Baptist Academy, my children have a strong desire to learn with great enthusiasm. They truly look forward to the next day of school.” - Elementary School Parent

Linda Shaw, PreK and Elementary School Principal

Linda Shaw joined the First Baptist Academy family in 2003 as Elementary School Principal. She has been an educator and administrator at Christian schools for almost thirty years. She earned her Masters of Education from Towson University in MD, and she holds a lifetime professional certificate from ACSI. She has a passion for God’s Word and is thankful to be part of a church/school community where a Biblical worldview is promoted and practiced.

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"From attending First Baptist Academy, my children have a strong desire to learn with great enthusiasm and truly look forward to the next day of school."

-Elementary School Parent

“FBA is all about life, learning, and leadership. Our teachers really care about us and show us what true leadership looks like. We’re also given many opportunities to be leaders for the younger grades and be mentored by the older students. The experience is different from the other school I’ve gone to. I think it’s because our teachers not only want to see us thrive academically, they also have compassion for everything we’re walking through.”

- FBA student

Uncommon Opportunities

Baking Club
Sing N Speak Spanish

Lego Robotics
Cross Country

Growing a School Garden

Life, Learning, & Leadership Lessons

For Life

Students will learn about the Spiritual Discipline of Stewardship as they care for, maintain, and harvest plants. They will also learn of the benefits of growing a garden, and will learn how to use natural pesticides, worm castings, and Organic soil.

For Learning

Students will learn about Plant Life Cycles in south Florida. Students will also learn about soil preparation, planting, watering, composting,and harvesting. Students will investigate what plants grow well in south Florida through experimentation.

For Leadership

Students will gain personal satisfaction  that comes from the personal investment of time, effort, energy, and “sweat equity”  needed to sustain a high yield school garden. In Genesis, God tasked mankind with the Stewardship of His creation.

FBA students will experience the joy and reward that results from diligence of  “working with their hands”.

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