importance of play

Play IS Learning: The Importance of Play to Kindergarteners

Play is an essential part of the way your child learns. In fact, for young children, learning is play! Play is not just for burning off extra energy so that they can focus on the lesson, (though that plays a part); it’s about learning through play. For children, play is about solving problems in the world around them and interacting …

Genius Hour – An Uncommon Opportunity

Known as “Passion Projects” or “20% time,” Google is credited for making “The 20% Project” what it is today.  They asked their employees to spend 20% of their work time on a pet project…anything. As a result of the 20% project at Google, we now have Gmail, AdSense, and Google News. Innovative ideas and projects are allowed to flourish and/or …

Teaching Kindness and Respect to Your Kindergartener

There is no greater principle that a person can develop in this life. It will serve your child well in every single aspect of their development. But sometimes teaching kindness and respect to your five year old may feel like scaling Everest: possible, but daunting.