Middle-School Class Size Matters, Research Shows

Middle school can be rough. Students in middle school are suddenly immersed in the perfect storm of adolescence, social challenges, and sometimes unsettling emotional swings. Add to that a higher level of academic pressure than most students have experienced before, and you have a recipe for a few very challenging years.  Did you know that your child’s class size can …

Life-Long Benefits of a Faith-Based Education

If you are considering investing in a faith-based education for your child, you may be wondering what the long-term benefits of such an education may be. Private Christian schools can be a significant financial investment, so how can you know your dollars have been well spent? Here are some potential benefits to consider: A Global Worldview A well-taught faith-based education …

5 Benefits of Christian Schools

What are the benefits of going to a Christian school? Before making such a significant investment, you may be wondering if it will be worth it for your family in the long-term. At First Baptist Academy, we take pride in offering uncommon opportunities that lead to unparalleled futures. Here are five benefits of Christian schools that you may not have …

Top 4 Things Parents Can Do to Help Their Child Prepare for Preschool

How can you really know when it’s time to send your little one off to preschool? This is a question that most parents ask themselves as their children reach the ages of two or three. The answer is not always obvious, but there are many ways that you as a parent can nurture your child’s preschool readiness.

Teaching Kindness and Respect to Your Kindergartener

There is no greater principle that a person can develop in this life. It will serve your child well in every single aspect of their development. But sometimes teaching kindness and respect to your five year old may feel like scaling Everest: possible, but daunting.

How to Let Go of Mom Guilt When You Already #momsohard

I never knew how real “mom guilt” was. Until I become a mom. In fact, I think I’ve finally nailed down why my first six months as a parent were some of the most stressful of my life—without even realizing it. I truly believed there was a right way to parent and a wrong way to parent and that the line between the two was terrifyingly blurred.

Top 10 Educational Apps for Preschoolers

While healthy boundaries regarding screens will always be important, research is starting to show that the quality of and parental interaction around your child’s screen time may be a more important factor than the overall quantity of screen time.

Lions Volleyball Wins Regional Championship

2018 Regional Champions The FBA Lions defeated Out-of-Door Academy in three straight sets to win back to back regional championships. Congratulations FBA Lions Volleyball and Coach Marci Walker on another state Final 4 appearance. BREANAH RIVES- NDN PLAYER OF THE YEAR FINALIST JORDAN BENOIT- ALL-AREA FIRST TEAM ZARA STEWART- ALL-AREA SECOND TEAM ALEXA OATES- ALL AREA HONORABLE MENTION ALEXA MOULZOLF- …