Genius Hour – An Uncommon Opportunity

Known as “Passion Projects” or “20% time,” Google is credited for making “The 20% Project” what it is today.  They asked their employees to spend 20% of their work time on a pet project…anything. As a result of the 20% project at Google, we now have Gmail, AdSense, and Google News. Innovative ideas and projects are allowed to flourish and/or fail without the bureaucracy of committees, budgets – or, in this case,  a grade on a report card.

In school, Genius Hour is designed for your child. Every month teams of 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders, lead by Mrs. Shaw and facilitated by our teachers, will have self-directed time to pursue their passions, choose what they will master, and inquire about their own curiosities.

Over the course of “Genius Hour,” your child will learn how and why they are uniquely created by God. This first year of Genius Hour will focus on the process of self-directed learning. Students will see an idea through from an essential question,   to concept, to a completed Passion Project.

The approach offers a fun, engaging pathway to developing a biblical worldview. Genius Hour will grow understanding and digital literacy skills through curiosity, connectivity and creativity.

Watch some student responses to Genius Hour

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