2020 Academic Awards

Monday, May 4th was the High School Academic Awards Ceremony. Many community awards were given throughout the ceremony. In addition, each academic subject area awarded a certificate for exemplary academic achievement. A senior was awarded the Lion Scholar in each academic subject area. Each senior was selected for overall excellence, achievement and success throughout their entire academic subject career. The Senior Lion Scholar received a plaque and a $1,000 Scholarship.

Congratulations to the following students who were recognized at this ceremony:

AP Computer Science – Isaac Fischer

Bible 9 – Lucas Lye

Bible 10 – Nathan Pop

Bible 11 – Kamy Bubick

Bible 12 – Dustin Luu

Bible Lion Scholar – Priya Hansen

English 1 – Audrey Penrod

English 2 – Victoria Blankenship

AP English Language  – Braxton Eisel

AP English Literature – Trinity Richardson

English Lion Scholar – Trinity Richardson

Spanish 1 – Grace Lowery

Spanish 2 – Lucas Lye

Spanish 3 – Calvin Luu

Spanish 4 – Kamy Bubick

Foreign Language Lion Scholar – Priya Hansen

Algebra 1 – Zach Bates

Geometry – Lucas Lye

Algebra 2 – Calvin Luu

Pre-Calculus – Alejandro Taveras

Statistics – Peyton Urbancic

AP Calculus – Dustin Luu

Math Lion Scholar – Dustin Luu

Biology – Lucas Lye

Chemistry – Calvin Luu

Physics – Cooper Dearborn

Anatomy and Physiology – Dustin Luu

Science Lion Scholar – Dustin Luu

World Geography – Joshua Bergtold

AP World History – Calvin Luu

AP US History – Cooper Dearborn

AP Government – Calvin Luu

Social Studies Lion Scholar – Priya Hansen


Other recognitions given that day included:

Class of 2020 Valedictorian – Priya Hansen

Class of 2020 Salutatorian – Dustin Luu

Harvard Book Club Recipient – Elise Prodanov

ACSI Distinguished Students:

Calvin O’Dell  for Outstanding achievement in Christian Service

Grace Dean  for Outstanding achievement in Athletics

Kate Urbancic for Outstanding achievement in Academics

Ryan Platter  for Outstanding achievement in Fine Arts

Cruz Levy for Outstanding achievement in Leadership

Grace Geri for Outstanding achievement in  Christian Service

Elise Prodanov for Outstanding achievement in Academics

Braxton Eisel  for Outstanding achievement in Leadership

Aaliyah Smith for Outstanding achievement in Fine Arts

Dario Araya  for Outstanding achievement in Athletics

Priya Hansen for Outstanding achievement in Academics

Jacob Dever for Outstanding achievement in Christian Service

Megan Williams for Outstanding achievement in Leadership

Allie Shepard for Outstanding achievement in Fine Arts

Malaya Melancon for Outstanding achievement in Athletics 

Florida Bright Future Scholarship Recipients:

Florida Medallion Scholars:

Joey Blando

Julie Cavalcante

Anna Fisher

RJ Fritz

Clayton Jacob

Christian McGovern

Jolie Menendez

Olivia Sampier

Allie Shepard


Florida Academic Scholarship:

Alexis Baker

Aiden Denman

Jacob Dever

Alli Dimmitt

Anthony Feliciano

Isaac Fischer

Morgan Forrer

Julia Fortier

Priya Hansen

Dustin Luu

Malaya Melancon

Andrew Nottidge

Trinity Richardson

Sebastian Rocks

Kiev Rodriguez-Zogg

Isabella Silver

Joey Stover

Peyton Urbancic


Florida Forum Club Scholarship:

Allie Shepard


National Merit Commended Scholars:

Dustin Luu


National Merit Finalist:

Priya Hansen


Schultze Family Foundation Scholarship:

Joey Stover


Critical Thinkers Scholarship:

3rd place – Dustin Luu

2nd place – Peyton Urbancic

1st place – Priya Hansen

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